Hello! My name is Luz and I’m a bilingual marketing strategist and creative designer with more than ten years of experience helping companies create coherent brand experiences… and I love it!

Every day, I work for international organizations formulating marketing plans. While each plan is different, my strategy is always to listen to all parties, work with each member of the organization, and identify and demonstrate the core values that emerge from these conversations.


At this point, you must be wondering… why is she taking a digital marketing program? Isn’t she suppose to know all about digital marketing if that is what she does every day?

Well, I realized that in the digital marketing field, we never finish learning. Social media changes all the time and at a fast pace, so we have to keep up and try to update what we already know. Also, it is very important for me to give the best service that I can to my clients, and that includes constantly investing in my skills and knowledge.

That is why I decided to look for the best learning option according to my schedule, budget, and needs. It was a little hard at the beginning as there were so many options for short marketing courses with very little to offer, and I was ready to give up.

Until finally, in the middle of breakfast, my husband mentioned Udacity and its amazing platform where you get the classroom experience with mentors that help you to succeed… life-changing!


Since the beginning, the program has been amazing! It offered a lot of resources and details about digital marketing, so I also had to start a study plan to be more organized. It was a little hard to get used to, but now I know when to take my classes.

Thank you Udacity! I’ve not finished the program yet but I am already applying all that I am learning with my clients, and they couldn’t be happier!